Employees with experience, specialists, managers

The packet we have prepared is specially crafted to those, who find themselves at a standstill or are thinking about a change. What are my strengths? “How do I build, and take advantage of my core competences.” “How should I build my career path, and where do I look for employment?” “Do I really need to write a cover letter?” or if you’re wondering how to plan your future based on past experiences. “How do I look compared to other candidates? What does the market need?” “How do I build a professional CV and what competencies should I shape, and which ones should erase?”


We will meet and find a solution to all these questions. Together we will analyse your past experiences and successes. Career counselling aims to provide you with the tools and knowledge, as well as diagnosis and support. Throughout 2 meetings we will answer these questions, plan further courses and help you find yourself in the labour market. We will also take advantage of the offerings new technology brings us today and through mail or telephone consultations, we will write new application documents together.


Career counselling is a support for those who wish to consciously build their future.

Sample counselling and its advice:

  • Meeting with counsellor (1.5-2h)
  • Determining goals and needs
  • Diagnosis and assessment of current development
  • Diagnosing existing and missing competencies to achieve your objectives
  • Defining desired employers
  • Improve/create a new resume
  • Writing (LM) to selected employers
  • Second meeting with counsellor (1.5-2h)
  • Conducting a practice interview
  • Understanding the” in’s and out’s” of a recruiting agency
  • Getting to know the operations of a candidate database
  • Why and how to use social networking sites
  • Support after the process (phone/mail – up to 6 contacts)