About us

HR is my passion. Working with people is my source of satisfaction and fulfilment. In my near 20 years of professional experience I had the occasion to work alongside the leaders of our market, learning from the best. Thanks to the knowledge and experience I gained as a marketer, I have the possibility of creating structured teams, and pursuing bold strategies in sales. Knowledge gathered that way is priceless basis for leading HR projects, because it guarantees the understanding of the processes that rule the modern business.

In my private life I am a father to 2 magnificent sons. My family gives me huge motivation, and is the foundation of my happiness. Present reality brings me thought that the highest value are people around us. Attitude based on that thought helps me to see each Client not only as a business partner, but also a man at all. Therefore, with enthusiasm I discover and determine people’s strenghts and help them to make use of their competence to succeed.

Adam Komaiszko

From the start I have consciously chosen HR, beginning with choice of university and course and ending with decicions about my career path. I am psychologist, knowledge and skills in this field are improving my efficiency in HR projects, helping me to accurately value the other person and his or her soft skills. Both in my professional and private life I am rationalist with smile on my face. When I am working with others i pay my attention on their attitude and involvement.

At present, I have pleasure to act as HR Manager of Adore HR recruitment agency, with which I am connected from the beginning. Years of experience as Recruiter and handling multiple projects at the same time resulted in knowledge about HR and employment, which I willingly share with our team. I appreciate articulateness, professionalism and energy in action. These qualities are ones with which I identify and when I meet new people I am looking for this features. I have experienced recruiting for international companies and for polish brands too. Previous projects showed me varied attitudes and manners of Clients, and now it gives me huge awareness of the needs and expectations of them. In management and team-building I am always into openness and partnership for my co-workers, and I have realised mine attitude relate to effectiveness and atmosphere. I was awarded in national contest “Perły HR” (eng. Pearls of HR) as the best Consultant in category of permanent recruitments. Human Resources is for me source of fulfilment and satisfaction, and, moreover, our relations with Clients give me confidence, that our work is appreciated and needed. That fact is the best motivation for improvement and reinforces my passion.

Milena Czarnecka