Master Person Analysis®

As one of few on the market in our agency we have certificate to use system of Master Person Analysis, which is manifestation of competence, especially in administration, valuation, interpretation, hypothesis and reporting.

Master Person Analysis (MPA) is one of the most commonly used instruments across Europe. Its most unique feature is that it matches job with person competencies accurately, for both the individuals and for teams.

What can be expected from MPA?
Motivation / Drive
– Does one get motivated by achieving short or long term goals?
– Does one speak up for him or herself?
– Does one focus on one or many tasks at one time? What if under pressure?
Social factors
– Does one attach emotional or rational attributes to relationships?
– Does one actively seek or avoid contact?
– Is one sceptical or trusting in his or her approach?
Way of working
– Does one like details or overview?
– Does one favour quick, risky or lengthy, risk avoiding decisions processes?
– Does one prefer routine and leadership or innovation & creativity and freedom?

How about the following competences?
o Abstract overview
o Capacity to Delegate
o Need for self improvement
o Dominance
o Tenacity
o Efficiency
o Egocentricity
o Empathy
o Extraversion
o Factual focus
o Generalist
o Sense of responsibility
o Sensitivity
o Planning Horizon
o Initiative
o Intuition and creativity
o Critical judgement
o Capacity to motivate
o Risk taking
o Independence
o Practical approach
o Relational skills
o Social impact
o Social flexibility
o Stress management
o Task orientation
o Way of communicating
o Self-steering

How does one communicate from the core?
o From an enthusiastic perspective?
o From a supporting perspective?
o From a pragmatic perspective?
o From an analytical perspective?

Which role does one prefer (important in teams)?
o Work hard and do as you’re told?
o Use talents of others and put them to work?
o Take initiatives and lead by example?
o Think of new ideas?
o Know what is going around in the office, the market, the world?
o Assess initiatives on quality and realisation potential?
o Rely on team members, be amongst equals?
o Assure matters to be successfully implemented?

Which combinations are possible? What about secondary or tertiary qualities?