Mission and vision

Human We understand that being of recruitment is providing new employees, who are related to expectations, for the employer, but however our way of thinking is slightly wider. Recruitment seen only as this basic foundation is not enough for us. Observations of present market and employment give us reason to notice that in most cases people are treated like cog in the machine, only as a resource, literally. In opposition to this unfair practices, we want to present you fresh point of view. We are confident, the most important value in human resources is human itself. We can not imagine how to run HR projects or career counselling without respect to the individuality of each person and his or her specific expectations. Adore HR mission is respecting every single person and putting impact on his or her development, satisfaction and success. Thanks to our attitude relations with our Clients are always based on partnership and dialogue.

The above-described objective we want to realise on the canvas of three main values, which we are constantly representing:
They are only elementary values, which contain catalogue of detailed postualtes.

  • Intelligence is related to precision, rational assessment of the possibilities and choosing the appropriate means to achieve tasks. Moreover, intelligence gives skills to conclude on basis of previous experiences, but, which is the point of intelligence – it brings humility. We have awareness that nobody is infallible, and making mistakes is bound with human nature. That is why we are opened for every Client’s suggestion.
  • Energy is the only reason of movement. Without energy you are wasting your potential, even if you have
    incontestable intelligence. Energy is essence of self-develpoment, content of ambitions. Finally, it is energy, which pushes to think out of box, be creative.
  • Integrity seems to be the most important value for us, from all the three listed and bolded above. It tends to responsibility in partnership relations, to honest valuation of project. Integrity gives a sense of obligation to cooperate with Client in partnership and with permission to direct expression. Intelligence and energy need integrity to have positive impact. Only when you put these three values together you can provide services, which will fully satisfy the Client.