We offer wide range of professional HR services. Providing recruitment processes, personnel evaluation and counselling.

Why should you work with us?
ADORE HR means experience and passion.

– Implementing projects of national and international recruitment
– Seeking out candidates for managerial positions based on methods of Direct and Executive search
– Building a search strategy together with clients and candidates
– Verification of competence at the level of applications received
– Building long-term relationships with clients and candidates

We understand that the core of recruitment is not only an interest from a number of people with specific qualifications and skills, but also having positive attitudes with a willingness to work. These are our values. Candidates, with whom we meet, are also our Clients.

Our biggest reward is satisfaction and the success of our Candidates, which are recruited after our recommendations.

We actively assist candidates in making decisions about their career choice – thanks to our market know how, and experience, our customers can check the level of their knowledge and skills in their selected categories, finding out which areas need work in order to achieve better results, in turn increasing their skills, and worth in the job market.