No matter how old you are, if you’re beginning to think about your work life, or if you’re already an expert in your field, you can always find yourself in a situation where you will need help.

Do you feel like you’ve gotten to a point where you’re running around in circles, or lost faith in yourself? Are you sending hundreds of CV’s and getting no results? Worked for years, but have come to realise you’re not meeting your aspirations? Maybe you want to go back to school, but don’t know where to go or you’re a student who finds it difficult to determine your true potential and strengths? Lacking confidence in yourself, or you’re just not sure how you compare to others or are unable to present yourself in crucial moments? Perhaps you just don’t understand the market?


If your keen to find a job or consciously managing your career. Whether you want to know your strengths, consciously and effectively guide your life to achieve success without wasting time. To have the knowledge and skills required for the labour market. Be able to present yourself well in a conversation. To have application documents (CV and cover letter) that will give you the best job opportunities. Aiming to be more independent, or shape your image. Have a better understanding of how recruiting agencies work. You want to know how to read announcements (or forums) and how to write an email. Present yourself so that employers can find you. Perhaps you just want to know how to best take advantage of the social media and networks. If you’re asking yourself these questions, then it means that you are a potential customer. Someone, who wants to be proactive, and independent, being well on your way of reaching your goal of satisfaction and employment status of the business world.


  • Middle and high school

For high school students we have a real treat. As one of only a few companies, we offer an assessment centre for young people. Thanks to well, laid out tasks and fantastic observers (assessors) you will get to spend the whole day having fun, in the meantime we will analyse your skills and abilities. After this 1 to 2 day session we will meet and discuss your strengths and talents. Showing you how to take advantage of them and achieve success in the future.

We will tell you about which schools will help you achieve success, as well as which studies will favour your skills. Thanks to this, you will acknowledge the huge potential you have and where it can be channelled to achieve the best outcome. Thanks to this information, you, like your parents, will be able to make accurate choices, and live by the motto “This is not my work, this is my hobby and they pay me for it”. Let’s begin living our lives based on our success, because thanks to that, it will be easier to reach our goals.


  • Study and the first 3 years of work

Coming into the job market starts very early, during your time of studies and the first few years after graduation. Questions like; “what do I have to do, at the beginning of my career to have a competitive advantage?” “How can I build on my strengths and use them to my benefit?” or other like “How do I create my career path?” “How and where do I look for work?” “How can I plan my future?” “Is there a way to compare myself to others in my respected field, if so where do I stand?” “What does the expert market require?” “What’s the best way to build a professional CV?” or just “What skills do I shape and which ones do I eliminate?”

We will meet and find a solution to all these questions. Our career counselling, is designed to provide you with the tools, and knowledge, you will require in attaining your goals, as well as diagnosis and support. Together, across 2 meetings we will tell you the answers, planning out further steps to help you in the job market. We will also use the opportunities offered by new technologies and together via email or telephone we will write new application documents. Suggesting the best mode of action and share with you, trade secrets, in the knowledge of the labour market which will help you succeed.


  • Employees with experience, specialists, managers

The packet we have prepared is specially crafted to those, who find themselves at a standstill or are thinking about a change. What are my strengths? “How do I build, and take advantage of my core competences.” “How should I build my career path, and where do I look for employment?” “Do I really need to write a cover letter?” or if you’re wondering how to plan your future based on past experiences. “How do I look compared to other candidates? What does the market need?” “How do I build a professional CV and what competencies should I shape, and which ones should erase?”

We will meet and find a solution to all these questions. Together we will analyse your past experiences and successes. Career counselling aims to provide you with the tools and knowledge, as well as diagnosis and support. Throughout 2 meetings we will answer these questions, plan further courses and help you find yourself in the labour market. We will also take advantage of the offerings new technology brings us today and through mail or telephone consultations, we will write new application documents together.

Career counselling is a support for those who wish to consciously build their future.


  • Managers, directors and CEO’s

At this stage in your work life we aim at achieving the end goals. But even here there may be bumps in the road. However the way down from the top is even more painful. Few people realise that searching for jobs of the highest position are governed by different rules, and that these jobs take time to find. At this time, there are moments of doubt. Career counselling for top managerial positions is our core competence. We support directors, governors in their development and return to the labour market. Of course in these situations we undergo the basic operation of meetings, analysis of career development, preparation of application document, market analysis and employment potential. Aside from that, we also build a relationship and offer support and added value. We are here to effectively support and provide informed decisions to our leaders. Career counselling for this group of people is implemented using coaching and comprehensive real world knowledge. Those who work with top management are also surrounded by people within the same professional group. Our consultants also work with managers on a daily basis, managing the company and hiring employees to other employers. This ensures that our support is within the market, effective and efficient.

We want to invite you to contact with our counselors. We will present you individual offer, customized for your needs.
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